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Don Baskin Truck Sales LLC - Credit Application Partnership Proprietorship Nonprofit Org. Corporation Corporation Tax ID If Applicable Primary Applicant Present Address City Date of Birth Email Address Business Phone Own/Rent Full Name ST Social Security Residence Phone Mortgage/Rent Paid To Spouce Full Name Former Address How Long Zip Address Corporation Information Incorporated in what state Date in Business Principal Principal Title Name Nearest Relatives Not At Above Address Phone...
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Hey guys it's Kaitlyn here the Frugal Millennial So today I wanted to talk about credit cardsand more specifically applying for credit cards and why your credit card applicationmay have been denied So this actually just recently happened tome I applied for the Citi Double Cash card andto my surprise I was denied It's my first ever credit card denial andit was such a bummer and a blow to my ego and my credit-worthiness that I did a lotof research and a lot of investigation as to why I would be disqualified for this creditcard and what to do going forward So I wanted to share what I found out withyou guys So the first reason your application may bedenied is if you didn't fill it out correctly or your cr4edit is frozen So if you forgot your Social Security numberor you made a typo in that your application is probably going to automatically get denied Same with if you have your credit frozen If your credit is frozen that means that acr4edit bureau cannot pull it and if they can't pull your credit report they're goingto automatically deny you So the great thing is that if you get deniedfor either misfiling out the application or because your credit is frozen it's a supereasy fix all you have to do is call the company that you applied If you applied for a Citi credit card callCiti up explain to them what happened tell them you were surprised by the denial andthey'll usually explain to you that there was some sort of error on your application They can go ahead and process it again andhopefully get you that approval The second reason you might be denied thatcredit card is because you don't earn enough money So most credit card companies don't list whattheir minimum incomes are that they require but if a 500 credit limit is going to putyou in major debt it's likely you're not earning enough money to be able to affordthat credit card and you may have trouble paying back that balance and so that makesyou a pretty big risk in the eyes of the credit card company So the best thing you can do if you get deniedbecause you don't earn enough income is to wait get a second job or a promotion or someextra way to earn money and then go ahead and apply again once your income is higher The third reason your credit card applicationmay have been denied was because you have something negative on your credit report So if you're denied because you have a negativemark on your credit report the first thing that you need to do is to go ahead and checkyour credit reports So you can actually get a free report fromeach of the 3 credit bureaus Equifax Experian and Transunion every single year you're entitledto that So to be able to get your free credit reportgo ahead and go onto annualcreditreportcom and request your free report Keep in mind you only get one free reportevery year and they don't show your actual credit score on those reports If you want to see your actual credit scoreyou have to pay for that with each of...